2/24/2003 09:23:00 pm


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I think I had something to say about yesterday.


It was Sunday.

I had a really good lesson planned for the Sunday morning group yesterday. It was cool the kids were going to be running around in the carpark collecting things. They were learning not to worry. I was really excited about the outdoor game.

When it came time to play, it was raining. Raining! Who decided to break the drought on the weekend? Eh? Today would have been a fine day to break the drought. It could rain all the way up until Thursday and it wouldn't disrupt any of my plans.

One of the kids decided to walk out of my group. When I chased him and told him to go back he said "No". When I told him that I don't want him in my group if he doesn't want to be there, he told me that he didn't want to be there either and his mother made him. That was a problem. Now I'm going to have to talk to his mother. I don't really want to do that.

Last night I shot a video with Matt for church. It was the first silly thing I have done for the church. We did a satellite link up to my twin brother in Miami. I put on my American accent and away we went. I made a few jokes that got a mild reaction. I was kinda happy with it. It was nice to do something stupid. I got a lot of people afterwards saying it was good. I'm not sure whether to to hope they were being polite or not.