1/07/2003 11:20:00 pm

On Our Way Home

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We had a good car trip home. I drove most of the way and we were leaking oil. At one point just near Hexam there was a car full of young males that drove past us and looked shocked and pointed at the front of our car, like there was something wrong with it. Knowing that the Tim's Volvo was not the best, we got a little worry that the engine might be on fire, or had ceased to exist or something, but we decided they were probably just hooligans trying to trick us.

After checking the car at the Oak, we decided they were just hooligans. We decided this partly because we couldn't find the dipstick so checking the oil would be a bit hard, so the car was probably fine.

We had much conversation on the way home, we didn't say too much until Tim asked me about my love life, and then there was much conversation. People laughed at me a lot, but it was a good topic of conversation. I got to ask Rosie about when everyone used to tease me about liking her and if she found out. She said she did and we had a good laugh.

Ho Ho Ho.