1/27/2003 01:48:00 am

Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night

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I had my last service at St Pete's tonight. That was sad. It's been a good church. It was said leaving, specially the young people. They were the coolest.

I showed "Where the Streets Have No Name" from Elevation tonight too. That was cool, because I like U2. I didn't really have any reason to be showing it, but I think it's the tops. It's meant to be about heaven, so I guess it's alright. Although I'm not really sure that we go to heaven when we die. I'm thinking about it. I think maybe we go to the new Earth. But then it could be on the new Earth that the streets have no name.

I preached too. I finally figured out what I was going to say. I think God was the mastermind behind that one. I preached loosely on 1 John 4. I jumped around a bit and used the passage a little I guess, but I talked about many different Bible things. And non-Bible things. I told stories of my time last year as well as talking about what I thanked God for and telling people what I wanted to leave them with. Lots of people said good things about it. But as I said, I would say that was God's doing, because I wasn't doing very well.

I did think about sticking the sermon on my blog, but I don't think I will now. I'll give it to those who ask though.

It was very strange saying Good-bye to people. I don't think leaving will sink in until in a few months it occurs to me that I haven't been to St Pete's for a while.

On the other hand, it was already feeling a bit foreign to me. So I don't know.