1/15/2003 05:01:00 pm


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I once sent an e-mail with this subject: Christmas is a time for vomiting. Lucky it's not Christmas.

And I sent this once too:

US Aids bin Laden's Escape
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Osama bin Laden may be using the US air strikes against Afghanistan to fuel his plans to escape. Bin Laden is said to be using un-exploded cluster bombs and other munitions dropped by the US and Britain to fuel the rocket that he and his followers have built. The rocket is to be used so that Osama and a select few can fly to Mars and create the perfect society. They are now looking for beautiful women to join him, if you or anyone you know fits that description you can apply by e-mailing Osama at phat_osama_69@hotmail.com. AFP

Good on me.