1/28/2003 01:14:00 am


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I've just been reading the stuff about the UN report that's going to come out tomorrow. It says that at the moment it doesn't look like Iraq is hiding any weapons. America is saying that it is.


I don't like where all this is heading. I don't like people going to war. I don't think a war should happen with UN backing, and I especially don't think a war should happen without. But US is going, perhaps they have already gone. I think they are just waiting for a good excuse to come along, something to justify the decision that they have already made. Lucky us, John Howard is following close behind.

Did you know that John Howard is from the Bradfield electorate? That's just near where I live, and he's sending us off to war with Iraq. Isn't that strange? I wonder if John Howard knows where Westfield Hornsby is.