1/09/2003 12:43:00 am

Weeing Around

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I think my family gets a little frustrated that my blog doesn't really talk about important things. I don't talk about people much.

That is true. This blog is like my brain. I guess that's why it's scatty. I write what's in my head.

But if it means anything Mum, The Two Towers was a very cool film. It made me laugh, and Peter Jackson is a dude. I guess the essence of the film wasn't exactly funny, but I enjoyed myself. It was very cool. And I had a good time going with my friends and family. I have good friends and family. And Jo was very good that night. A loving sister who was very selfless. Hooray for her.

There you go Mum.

Our sewerage is broken. All our poo and wee and toilet paper is bubbling up in the front yard so we have been instructed to do our business in the backyard. Now that I think about it that seems a little silly to me. I could do a wizz in the toilet or on a tree, and either way it's going to end up in our yard so why not do it where it's more comfortable?