1/13/2003 06:26:00 pm

Day One

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I have realised that the church with the yellow walls only has one room that's yellow, but the outside is kinda yellow brick. So I guess it's still the church with the yellow walls. Soon though I figure it will just be church, or work, or whatever else I decide is an appropriate title for the place.

I spent a bit of time there today. Having chats, meeting people, asking questions. I'm looking forward to getting into it, but there are so many new people to meet. I had an iced chocolate instead of a milkshake. I had seen Robert's iced chocolate at CityExtra and I was inspired to get my own. So I did.

Right now I'm very hungry because I haven't eaten any lunch yet, I'm hoping dinner arrives soon. There isn't much in this house that's snack worthy.