1/27/2003 01:54:00 am


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After going to the new church this morning, twice, I was asked by a family if I had anywhere to go for lunch. I say I didn't. So I was told I was going with the family and their son would lend me some swimmers.

Ahhh! Swimming is very scary.

When I arrived at their house I was told the swimmers were being got for me, I should get changed in the bathroom, put on some sunscreen and meet everyone at the pool because they were already there.

Boy, did I reflect light today. I'm quite white at parts. It was on the "don't look at me side of things". And no-one ever asked me if I wanted a swim.

That said, I had a lovely time. The swimming was good and the family is very friendly. It was a bit of rampant hospitality that I haven't experienced much off before. It was cool. I'm learning to accept hospitality. I'm hoping to learn how to offer it too. I think that my new church is a very hospitible church.

I practiced my sermon as I drove home, and got lots of funny looks.