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Working in the Administration

Seeing as I am in love with The West Wing (still) I often think of my work as kinda like the one in The West Wing. I have decided who everyone in the office would play if we were the Bartlet Administration. Steve, being the Senior Minister would be the President. I like having meetings with him, I pretend to be meeting with the President. Steve is very busy too, so when I get time to speak with him it's like when the senior staff get to meet with Bartlet.

Stephen, being the Assistant Minister would be Leo, the Chief of Staff.

Helen would be CJ, the Press Secretary. Not really because Helen's role is like CJs but because they are both woman, and they're both cool. Helen doesn't brief the press much, but if there was press it might not be outside her domain.

Belinda, the old Office Administrator, would have been Mrs Landingham, because they both worked with Steve/Bartlet, they were both efficient and fun, and they're both gone now. Happily, Belinda is still alive and well, unlike Mrs Landingham.

Kathy, the new Office Assistant, would be Debbie Fiderer, the new Secretary to the President. Mainly because they're both new.

Beck, the Student in Ministry, could be Donna, the Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff, but I don't think their roles are very similar. They are both females. The relationships are a bit similar though. I think Beck gets more independence than Donna.

I would be Sam, the Deputy Communications Director, mainly because Sam is younger than Toby (my other option I think), and Sam is more of a goody-two shoes. Toby is too depressing all the time. Sam loves speech writing too, and I love preaching.

I like dreaming that I work in the White House. Since starting to think that way I've been treating the Steve a lot more like the President. Or at least thinking of him that way. It's making me really good at respecting those above me, so it's not all bad this obsession.

I might start calling Steve, Mr Rector.