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Law Breaking

Jude Law is copping a beating in the press at the moment. It looks like female journalists are having a field day having a go a Law, and males in general (well at least two on SMH are, and I saw the cover of NW in Coles last night, so I think that's a pretty broad sample). It seems that Jude Law getting caught sleeping with the nanny has proved that not only is he incapable of fidelity, all men are.

Jemima Lewis told me that most men are still cave men at heart. They "must hunt, must slay, must strew old bones and dirty socks over cave floor. And, of course, the most basic evolutionary impulse of all: must sleep around."

Well, actually, most of those are rather appealing ideas. But I don't think an affinity for dirty socks is a proof of a lack ability to stay faithful.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, perhaps just that I wouldn't want all men to be painted with the same brush. Or if we are all going to be labeled cheaters, I think it should be the male journalists that do it. But from what I can tell the male journalists aren't at all interested in this story.

Maybe, if people are going to have discussions about infidelity it shouldn't be just a male/Jude Law bashing exercise. There are worthwhile issues to talk about in this story and it's not whether or not Sienna will take him back, if Jude will demand the ring back, or if Jude's parents are getting involved.

The good news is though folks, Jude won't be sleeping with the nanny again. There's a new nanny and she's reported to be "a bit dumpy and not particularly attractive." There is some justice in this world.