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I haven't been doing nearly as much work these past two weeks as I normally do. I work in an office full of people who never seem to stop working. I, on the other hand, do my best to take any opportunity I can to take some time off and avoid working (Lunch hours that last an hour, Blogfeed, phone conversations that should be 5 minutes that take 20.) I know I probably work an average of 5 hours overtime a week, but at my office, I feel like I'm the slack one.

This week though, I've been doing less. I can't find anything to do. Last week I read the Church Worker's Code of Conduct which is a bad sign, today I started cleaning my office which is a really bad sign. I'm trying to think of all the things I always wanted to do but never got around to doing. I've organised to have coffee (or ice chocolate, or beer, or lunch) with my leaders, which is fun, I like the catch ups. On Friday I might try and get the back TV at church working. Oh that would be fun. I'd need my electric screwdriver and everything.

Of course I could write a Bible study, or a roster, or a program. I could print envelopes and plan socials. But none of them sound nearly as exciting as getting a TV to work. Or I could convert all the sermons on the computer to mp3, I'm sure that's a priority. Or I could just clean my office. And I certainly should find more people I need to catch up with.

The possibilities are endless, and who knows, I might just end up working just the hours I'm paid for.