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Tonight Jo (sister) and I went to Hillsong Church to see Reinhard Bonnke speak. I heard that Reinhard Bonke (pronounced Bonky) was good, so I thought I'd go check him out. Plus I just wanted to say that I saw a guy with that name. What a cool name: Bonnke.

Unfortunately Reinhard wasn't there. I think he may have been at the City campus. Oh well. I enjoyed myself. I think Hillsong have gone more moderate these days. Or I have. But I had fun.

The offertory sermon which has never really filled me with excitement before was good. Dooley spoke about we never grow weary of doing good even if we aren't reaping at the moment (Gal 6:9,10). He told us a story about when God first convicted him at 17 to do good and he gave his pay packet to a missionary. He told us that he didn't reap lots of money the next day or week, but this week he reaped because he got to minister to 4,500 young people. I grinned. He'd hit the nail on the head. If I had been a penty I would have shouted "Amen". What a great way to reap from doing good, being able to bring the gospel to thousands of young people. That's the prosperity gospel I'm going for. Go Hillsong!

The speaker man was pretty good too, even if his name wasn't Bonnke. He had good illustrations between sin and disease. Impressed I was. So I had fun at Hillsong.