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Plus Soup

After a long day that I spent watching West Wing and Futurama, and reading Harry Potter, Ryan and I went to Soup Plus last night.

It was the first time I've been to Soup Plus at the new venue. It's become a very different place. This new venue feels like a cross between a restaurant, a bar, and a campsite dining room. The old one had a magnificent dingy, basement feel. The big wooden tables, and wooden benches, the darkness, and the low ceiling. It was great. The new place just didn't have nearly as much charm. It also seemed like the clientele had got a lot older too. Ryan and I were probably the youngest people there who weren't with their parents.

But on the up side we saw the Kings of Swing Band. They were fun. They played old Sinatra and Fitzgerald songs. There were 17 of them too. 17 wouldn't have fitted in the old venue. The soup was good. I had Pumpkin and Sweet Potato, and their croutons are lovely. Plus the staff were very friendly. It was fun. I think I'll go again.