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Bed is calling. Tonight has been fun. Chris Martin called Live 8 "the greatest event ever in the history of the world" or something like that. Which I think would be a debatable point but I enjoyed myself none-the-less. I think the Black Eyed Peas won themselves a fan in me tonight. They were tops performers. I'd go see them live. Maybe I should. Are the coming to Australia?

U2 were the best, because they just are. Bono could be a worship leader, except that he said "Give us what we f***ing want", which I've never heard from a worship leader yet.

Green Day were cool, as were Good Charlotte. And the heavy German band who sang in German I liked them.

I do hope that the G8 do something exciting. Go you good things, change the world! (That's my message to all the leaders of the G8 who I know are avid readers of my blog, except for the Japanese guy. He doesn't get my sense of humour.)

Now I must sleep.