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The Rest

Before Hillsong I spent almost all day reading. It was great. I continued reading Mandela, I finished the Vineyard response to The Briefing and three papers by Dave Andrews on the meaning of the cross. All were interesting and stimulating. I didn't fall asleep once all day.

Tonight I went to a cocktail party at Libby's. The problem with cocktails is that they taste really nice so you want to keep drinking them. But if you keep drinking them you get drunk and it would be rather inappropriate to get drunk. Plus I wanted to drive home. So I had a Pina Colada and then sampled others. I drank pink Lemonade for the rest of the night, how sad.

Towards the end of the night I was eating chocolate moose. I was pretending to dribble it out of my mouth and then suck it back in again just for a laugh. But I accidentally laughed while doing it and managed to spit the moose all over myself and my sister who was sitting opposite me. It was rather funny, but a little gross too. Sorry Jo.