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Once more with Feeling

I've realised that I rarely blog about my day any more. I used to make sure almost every day got blogged. At the moment I'm in one of those phases where I only blog things that come to mind or are a little silly.

I'm wondering if I'm about to embark on a little journey of late night of introspection. I'm pretty happy at the moment. My emotional life it rather sunny. Maybe sunny on a Winter's day. Like today. Not sunny like Summer, exciting-and-full-of-adventure sunny, just sunny like "Isn't it nice to sit here in the sun while everywhere else is cold" sunny.

Beck had her first day of work at St Stephen's today. She had her first St Stephen's lunch with me. I was sad Helen wasn't around to inaugurate her with me. Helen and I have been doing lunches for years, we're like the lunch team. But sadly she wasn't around. Anyway, Beck and I ended up spending most of lunch talking about death, which is rather sad, but we were sitting in the sun so that was good. I ate butter chicken and burped it all day.

I cooked nachos for the leaders tonight. I got teased a lot but I think I deserve it.

On Friday Mitch and Graham came around to talk about youth ministry. We have a little youth ministers support group. It's nice. They were meant to arrive at ten and I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up at 10:03am. I shot out of bed and just as I got out the intercom buzzed and there was Graham on the video screen. I let him through the security door then raced back to my room to put some pants and a shirt on. He was waiting at my door for a little while but I think I did alright considering I'd been in bed a minute earlier.

After he arrived I had a shower while he read a book on church history sitting on the couch.

Today after Bible Study Ray gave me a long history of the Kosovo valley. It has something to do with the Roman Empire. It all sounded very interesting but I didn't quite follow.

Now it's time to watch The West Wing I'm going to try and finish season four before I move out of here. It's hard though, seeing as this is a sermon week. I'll get there though.

Turns out there wasn't much introspection at all.