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On Saturday night Jo, Ryan, Jem and I went to see Lior at Carringbah Bizzo. I had been there the week before to see Jimmy's band Intone play.

We ate dinner at what was said to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Sydney, at least that's what the menus told us. The food wasn't bad. I would have liked to try their butter chicken. Butter chicken is how I judge all Indian restaurants. If the butter chicken is good than the rest of the place is probably good.

Jem has said that Lior is better than John Mayer live. While I haven't seen John live (neither has Jem) but I don't think Lior would beat John. At least he wouldn't have on Saturday night. Jo and Jem, the groupies, told me that he wasn't up to form. Maybe I just like John's music better.

Anyway, Lior was pretty good, despite his boredness. His band were fun, they all had good solos. The lead guitarist looked like he'd never escaped geekdom, like hang out in the Library geekdom. He was very good guitarist, which far outweighs hair dos, specticals and clothing choice when it comes to coolness. Lior sung a cool song about Mexico which I hope he puts on his next album. It was lots of fun.

I think that's all I have to say about Lior.