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Yesterday I did a lot of editing. I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out. I'm pretty sure tonight will be a late one though. I'm wondering if I should edit everything and burn the DVD tonight. I like that idea then I can sleep in. Let us hope God has mercy on me and everything works how I would like it to.

If not, well, God is still good. Usually what happens is it only comes together at the last minute. I'm hoping God will teach me about the beauty of sleep tonight and help me to understand what it means to be able to wake up in the morning and know that all you have to do is be at a rehersal at 2pm.

Today I think I had a meeting or two. And I did a bit of shopping and sent some emails and ran a small group. And visited the high school. Not a very interesting day but pretty good. I got to spend some time with Kaye in my travels which was fun. Kaye works a lot now so I don't see her as much. Tis a bit sad. But it is good when Kaye is around.

I bought 3 cds from Koorong yesterday. And ordered a book and a cd at Amazon.