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Being Novacastrian

Yesterday we drove to Newcastle. 'Twas much funness. Jo and I had decided to drive there and eat dinner one day to get her learner driver hours up and Rach, Jem, Ryan and Anmol came along too.

I went to look at Chris' new house yesterday, that was fun. It's kinda scungy, but cool. It's falling down and you can see why the rent is cheap, but I think it's fun. It's like the perfect bachelor pad, real bachelor pad, not pretend movie bachelor pad. I got to sit in Chris' room and it looks like he's been living in it for years. I like Chris.

After that I picked up Anmol and we went and met the others for our road trip at Maccas Waitara. We all set off in high spirits and at about 80kms an hour. In fact most of the trip was at 80kms an hour, but that's the joy of learners. Jo was a good driver. She screamed sometimes, but usually that was the scariest bit of her driving.

After a few hours in the car of silly conversation, zappos and a toilet stops (actually the toilet bit happened outside the car, in the toilet) we made it to Newcastle. Once there we wandered down Beaumont St and saw Ryan's old house. I would have to say that house is the coolest. It's not really a house, but it's cool.

We at our dinner at a Chinese restaurant which had a love for the air conditioner and heavy furniture, straight out of the Ornate Iron Age, if there was such an age. The food was good. My faith in Chinese food is slowly being restored, which is good, because I would never have stopped eating it, I would have just been bitter about it for the rest of my life.

Post dinner drinks happened at the Exchange Hotel (I think it was called that). It had a puffy couch which was quite a contrast to the Chinese furniture. I enjoyed my beer. My manhood is being confirmed.

Ryan bought wedges but I didn't eat any because I was full of rice and Mongolian sweet and sour meat.

Before heading off we had a quick stop off at the beach for a group photo.

Ryan also directed us to a really big bucket that we needed to play in. I think it used to be used for scooping up coal. I thought it was great. I like big buckets. And big metal things. And big machines. The bucket was large and cool.

We stopped at Hexam on the way home. Hexam is the traditional stop off point to or from any trip up north. And what a wonderful place it is. I had a sticky date pudding, which I was informed, when ordered, the counter lady said into the microphone "Sticky date!" Isn't that funny? Heh heh.

Driving back to Belrose Jo, Rach and I talked about sex. Perhaps when midnight is gone one gets a little more candid. I'm sure I've had more candid conversations, but sex is always fun to talk about.