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A Creed

We believe in Jesus Christ,
our saviour and liberator;
the expression of God's redeeming and restoring love;
the mark of humanness,
source of courage, power and love;
God of God, light of light, ground of our humanity.

We believe God resides in slums,
lives in broken homes and hearts,
suffers our loneliness, rejection and powerlessness.

But through death and resurrection
God gives life, pride and dignity;
provides the context of our vision,
offers the contest of our struggle,
promises liberation to the oppressor and the oppressed
hope to those in despair,
vision to the blind.

We believe in the activity of the Holy Spirit
who revives the decaying soul,
resurrects our defeated spirits,
renews our hope of wholeness
and reminds us of our responsibility
in ushering God's new order here and now.

Yong Ting Jin (Hong Kong)

I think Jo stuck it on our notice board. I liked it, so blogged it got.

It occurred to me as I drove home tonight, I'm so glad God knows what he's doing, because I've got no idea about either of us.