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I think that today was a good day. It was lesurely for a dress rehearsal day. I woke up at 12, mooched around, had a quiet time, had lunch at Hungry Jacks then arrived at Church at 3.

Once there everything was set up all I had to do was press play at the appropriate times. This dvd is much less work during the performance. All I have to do is press play. It's great.

The show is looking good. People are dancing around goodly. I don't understand how dancers dance, or make dances. It's all so foriegn to me. But good on the dance people for being good at it.

The sound on the dvd is annoying me. But I don't think I'm smart enough to fix it. I've done my best, but I'm not a sound wizz.

Tonight I went out to dinner with the young adults. I like going out to dinner. It makes me feel grown up. We did coffee after. And that makes me feel grown up.

Soon I will burn the dvd for the performance. Then I will go to bed.

Yay for bed.