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And perhaps I should talk about Friday night.

We set up for the Term Celebration at church on Friday arvo. Afterwards Jo and I headed off to Christ Church to see Revive play. We went in to the dark, sweat smelling hall that was full of people who looked about 13. We met Chris and his friends there. We didn't expect to see him, but it was a good chance to give him a hug while he was un-aware.

Revive played good. They get better every time I see them I think. Not that I see them that much.

After the show Jo and I talked to Tanya and many a connection was found in our lives. Mainly Jo and Tanya's. But we managed to talk to all sorts of people that were wandering about. It was one of those events where I managed to know lots of people. I expect Black Stump will be similar.

We met Ruth and some people from her church. It turns out Tanya seemed to have a connection with them all, so we decided to eat dinner together. Unfortunately we discovered that Tanya had locked her keys in the car. But deciding that food was more important than two forms of transport we drove across to Thornleigh in my car to eat McDonald's with Ruth and friends. We found more people who we all had in common, it was quite funny. I didn't eat any Maccas, I did have some chocolate cake though.

Finally we packed up and all headed back to St Ives to break into Tanya's car. Ruth and friends came too. They had stopped off to get some coat hangers on the way. In the car park we met Mike and a few of his friends who we're still there after the "gig". They came over to have a look at the fuss. Then more people who Mike knew turned up, as well as some bloke in a big white van (like really big, bigger than mine) and the security guard too.

We had many a laugh as people tried various methods. Jo was world class. If I ever become a car thief I'll go into business with her. Well, her or the NRMA man who turned up later.

The whole time people were trying to break into Tanya's car (I'm sure no one there knew everyone there, and Tanya probably didn't know most of the people breaking into her car) they were talking and finding more social connections. It was amazing.

Eventually, when Jo was almost into the car, the NRMA man arrived and did it in about a minute. But he stuck around for a bit get the broken bits of coat hanger which were stuck in the door out.

Then I went home. It was one of the strangest experiences I've had for a while. Very fun night though. Fellowship over car thievery. Lovely.