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Well I'm home from Camp. And College for that matter.

College was interesting. A little uncomfortable, but good. We finished early so I got to have a long lunch with Graham and Mitch. It's good to spend time with Christian, male, youth ministers, my age.

Camp was good stuff. The guys in my cabin were very good at going to sleep. I didn't have to tell them to be quiet nearly at all. I don't think I'm that kind of leader who lets you stay up all night. Actually I am if it not in the rules that you have to go to sleep. I'm silly legalist.

I'm sore all over from various physical activities. I did many physical activities that un-physical me never does. I climbed things, wrestled, ran, played soccer, perhaps other stuff. But I enjoyed it all. Which is good for me. I was never one to be really into physical activity with other people unless I was completely comfortable. Perhaps I'm just better at being comfortable these days. (Um...No) Perhaps, I'm just a better person. Or maybe? I don't know I can't be bothered continuing the self analysation. I want to get this post finished and have a sleep.

I really liked spending time with the young people on camp. We had fun. It's different being on camp when you're running the whole thing. I didn't get to spend nearly as much time playing as I would have liked. But that's ok. I did get to spend time with people. We made a campfire, and that burned good like.

It was fun to get into the Bible too. Always is, but still fun. And I enjoyed spending time with the people who were on camp with me last year. It struck me at one stage what a privilege it is to spend time with young people as they grow in their faith.

And God was good, as usual, but still no less remarkable.