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I went clubbing last night. Sort of. I don't think it wouldn't be properly defined as clubbing. Maybe Clubbing-Lite. But I wouldn't know though, because I'm not really someone who has ever gone clubbing.

Anyway, it was after a lovely Saturday. I went to have lunch with Martin and many others. We had a barbecue. Fun. I stood around the barbie with my Dad, Keith and Anmol with a beer and well, you can tell how manly I felt then. (My masculinity is a recurring theme in my life at the moment.) We ate tofu, sausages, rice and other stuff. It was then I was invited to go out clubbing. I thought I would probably go. It was a bad idea for sleep, but I knew I'd sit at home feeling annoyed that I didn't go if I didn't go. We looked at Martin's clothes to see if there was anything I could wear there. But in the end they just picked an outfit for him.

I went to church after lunch for a meeting about Black Stump. I wasn't very well behaved. But I didn't manage to pick up any jobs. Oh actually, one. But an easy one.

David called, it was good to talk to the man. Then Rach and I went driving. We nearly crashed into a car when I told Rach there was a free lane beside us, and there wasn't. Oops. They say scare experiences are the quickest way to learn, but it wasn't my intention.

At 8:45 we drove to the city, Mil, Jem, Martin and I. We picked up Jo and Rach along the way.

After finding a park we headed off to our desired club, only to find the cover charge was $15 more than we expected, and they opened later too. Shame. It was a casual dress place, and we couldn't go. While we wandered off to meet Jo my sister, we went looking for somewhere else. Rach, Jo and Mil all seemed to know what they were talking about, Jem and I were a bit lost, Martin has never been to Sydney before so he's allowed. We checked out one place and the bouncer, before I had even asked to go in, told me my shoes were too casual. How rude.

We met my sister and ended at a a Latin Club somewhere. It was kinda cool. The bouncer was friendly, and the music was friendly too, even if I wasn't really into it. I was the first person from our group to get up to dance. That was an achievement, because always went being the least likely to dance. I was dragged in to the dance by the professional dancer who was running a Congo line. Good on me.

We danced on the floor for a bit to the Latin music, but I didn't really enjoy myself. Dancing seemed a bit useless to me. I felt a bit out of place because I couldn't dance, I didn't have a partner, I wasn't a girl and I wasn't a sleazy guy (at least I wasn't trying to be), so I was quite in the minority. Although if you make enough categories you can always be in a minority.

I tried to dance twice but it didn't work. In the end Jem and I went and got some food and I felt much more comfortable in Ali Baba talking about the doctrine of original sin.

When we came back the crew had moved. There was now dancing on the hip hop floor. I had more fun there, I could understand the words. We danced for a while. And then went home.

I got home at 3am. Which is fine except that I had to get up at 6:30 to go to church. I went to the 8am service this morning. I had a bad night sleep last night too. I dreamt all night about dance floors.

But the 8am service was great. I love it. Prayer book all the way, Baby!

Now I'm going to have a sleep I think.