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So now I'm home aren't I?

And Friday has just been. So has Thursday. And Wednesday.

I haven't blogged much.

I watched Honey last night at Helen's parent's house. I was feeling sick and I was the only guy there. But it was fun. There was dancing on screen and funny lines. I love film clips. I love the way they can do whatever they want with them. Stylistically you can do things in film clips you can't do in normal film. It's great. Not that Honey is all film clips, but there are a few and it was cool.

Today I soldiered through the day. It was a Friday like many others. The term is finished now. At least for small groups it is. I can't believe we're three quarters of the way through the year. God has been good.

Black Stump is in less than 2 weeks. Yeah baby.

I sent David's package yesterday. How fun was that? It was big box going all the way to India. I love the post. David is going to get the exact same big box in India that I sent from Hornsby. It's like email with attachments but much slower, more tangible, and more fun.

I went to Mil's tonight to meet Martin. He's cool. I think Mil's done well for herself, he's a lovely man. I think I'd like to go to their house for barbecues when they grow up.

Ryan, Jem and Jo (sister) came over too and we drunk Kahlua, ate cookies, danced, and watched One Perfect Day. It was a fun night and the movie wasn't too bad. Martin gave me a pair of sandals that are made out of Goodyear tires. How funky is that? They're the coolest.

Now I'm still inspired to write a movie script. I started dreaming again while watching the film. I think Australian movies make me want to make movies. They make me feel it's a little more attainable. Perhaps it is.

I wonder if I could make a feature film in a few years without getting stressed? I doubt it.