1/06/2008 11:43:00 pm


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Today Ryan made our plans for our trip to the US this year. I'm very excited.

I'm going with my family to Guatemala to visit my sister. And then, if everything works out, Ryan is going to meet me in New York and we're going to spend a week and a half hanging out with George, Obama, Ronald, Bill Gates and fat people.

So far on the plans are to visit New York and look for zombies. Visit a few East Coasted friends. We might pop in on DC to say "Hello" to Jed, Josh, CJ, Santos, and the gang. I'll see if I can find Ainsley because she's the best.

Then we're off to LA to visit Disneyland, some studios, and a crazy church. We don't care what church just a substantially crazy one.

It's going to cool.

Of course Guatemala is exciting too. Mostly to see Jo and a bit because it's another country. But Guatemala isn't the land of the free and the home of Hollywood. So it's understand about why I'm dreaming about Starbucks and Malls and not donkeys and beans. (I had to think for a while there to write those last two things, shows how much I know about Guatemala, I should do some research. I wonder if they eat beans.)

So Disneyland and fatty boombahs here I come, eh!