1/23/2008 03:31:00 pm

500 Pages of Theology - Or Not

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I just sat down to organise my enrollment in the Summer Intensive at College. It starts in a week and I only discovered this when looking at my diary for the first time this year a few days ago. I had no reason to look at my diary till then I knew what was on.

Anyway, it turns out enrollment for the subject closed on the 11th because there is 500 pages of pre-reading and an assessment to do. But far be it from me to let something as small as hard work get in the way of my education, I called the college and asked if they could let me enroll anyway. They're thinking about it, going to talk to people and figuring it out.

I'm in two minds as to whether I want them to say yes or not. If they say "Yes" I will have to go and read, and read, and read. And then write. And basically ruin my next week with theology.

If they say "No". I'm stuck having to find another time to do this class, and I'm not sure when it'll come back. Or I have to do it on my day off and find a new day off this year.

But I'll leave it up to other people to decide. I wonder what 500 pages I'm actually meant to read. Maybe they have the readings on audio and I can listen in the car. I doubt it.