1/04/2008 11:46:00 pm


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We went and saw I Am Legend tonight. It was cool. I love deserted city movies. I'm not so much a fan of zombie movies, but this one actually made me like them more. Though the zombies were a bit silly in this film. In fact the second half of the film was a bit silly. I wanted to see more cool zombie killing tricks and stuff, but there wasn't. Oh well.

Still I had a good time I'm glad I went, it was worth watching.

Earlier in the day the house (minus Martin) went to look at a new house we could move into. Our landlady had hiked up our rent and is refusing to return our phone calls so we're looking for somewhere that's not falling to pieces and where we can be paying what it's worth. Anyway, Matt took us to see this awesome house near-by where every bedroom had a balcony, it was three levels, modern, spacious, and alarmed. It had power points, tv sockets and LAN connections everywhere. Plus it was close to shops and food. It was really cool.

Sadly it was about $230 a week more than we're paying now, and none of us are rich enough. Oh well. But it was nice to live the dream for 15 minutes.