1/31/2008 11:37:00 pm


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I was over at Kemp's house tonight eating steak when I got a phone call from my house. While I wasn't home our land lady turned up and gave as a termination notice. We have to move out of our house in 60 days. The land lady always turns up and tells us mean things when I'm not there. I think maybe my aura of protection over the house prevents her from approaching when I'm home.

Anyway, so we're being kicked out. Potentially homeless.

But the depression didn't last long. Matt (who lives with us and is a real estate agent) has a place lined up for us that we can probably move into. So I got another phone call asking if I wanted to go there. It's pretty swanky. It has the advantages of being swish, new, cockroach free (we think). The disadvantages of being expensive, not as close to Thai food and will be incongruous with our image of hippy simplicity. If the projector, four computers and high speed internet hadn't been a clue before, the spa bath and high-tech security will probably give the game away.

Anyway, so I'll be sad to leave this house with its wonderful location and ghost on the toilet but I'll look forward to living in luxury in our new place. Which will be good because the extra expense means I won't be able to afford to go out, so I'll spend all my time at home pretending I'm in a hotel. I'll make Ryan stand at the front door and play concierge.