1/24/2008 10:20:00 pm

Rambo the Man

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"Rambo taps into something I believe all men harbour inside, which is a sense of indignation and isolation that usually has to be resolved through physical endeavours but in the end there is no satisfaction because the price that is paid is too intense and destructive." - Sylvester Stallone

I read that quote and it got me thiking. Stallone sounds a bit like a pessimistic John Eldredge. Which is perhaps something to do with the purpose Rambo serves. He validates men's feelings of need for violence. Except when it all pans out the violence only ever leaves Rambo betrayed by the system that created him. (Actually I haven't watched Rambo 3 for a while. Maybe it ends differently in that one.)

I'm sure there are lots of men who identify with Rambo's indignation at the world, yet they can't find a worthy enemy to blow up. So they do it vicariously by watching movies, and they act out as best they can by abusing their photocopier and yelling at their kids. Neither of which are satisfying. But when has Rambo been satisfied either?

Rambo always pays a high price, yet he never seeks an alternative.

I guess that's where Eldredge and his cohorts comes in handy. Strength becomes more valuable than violence, character more important than power, and change more desired than destruction.

Stallone and Eldredge both recognise man's desire to blow stuff up. Eldredge just wants us do it well.