1/22/2008 10:49:00 pm

Gone West

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We finished The West Wing tonight. All seven seasons, finished. Helen and Jon came over to join Mil and I for the final episode. We ate Thai beforehand and reminisced about the good times we'd had.

It's very sad. All my good friends are gone. Josh, Donna, Toby, CJ, Santos, Jed, Charlie. I will miss them all. It was nice to have Sam back for the end. Sam was special. I wish the show didn't end, but I guess they had to end sometime.

Sadly I'm never going to be the President, so I guess I'll never get to live my own West Wing. I doubt I'll even become the Australian PM. And that doesn't seem nearly as exciting. If I ever get rich though I might get a full size replica of the Oval Office made in my house and just pretend to order nuclear strikes on tiny countries and stuff. That'd be pretty fun.