6/25/2007 11:11:00 pm


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Goodness me the weekend started a long time ago.

I spent pretty much all of Thursday, Friday and Saturday trying to burn DVDs for the show. But I blogged that.

Once Was Lost was good. I enjoyed it. I think in many ways the show is our best project so far. We've come a long way in the past few years.

Being that I'm the DVD man (I pretty much have the whole show under my control!) I got to be in the sound castle at church, which I think is the best spot in the building. The sight lines in our church aren't very good for dance, so being up high means I get to see everything that goes on. Probably we should sell tickets to the sound booth for lots of money. It'd be like "Get the chance to see the premiere with the Director of Photography and the PowerPoint guy, and actually see the show!"

But what was I saying? Oh yes it was good. I think it all fitted better than anything else we've done. The dances I think were better. I enjoyed them especially the Apple dance, the mirror dance and the stomp. Whacking a drum covered in water that's back lit by a blue light looks cool. And the film all looked better. It most definitly sounded better. And I think Matt successfully managed to achieve his original vision, which was a task and a half, and I'm most impressed. Plus people responded to God so what more could we ask for?

Matt, Helen, Sal and Beck, youse did a wonderful job. Thanks for letting me hang out on the production team with you for a year and a half.

Being that I didn't write or direct the film this year, I felt less emotionally involved. Which made it all a lot less stressful. I felt like I could just watch the show and enjoy it, rather than worry too much about how everyone was feeling (though so far it seems everyone was feeling pretty good). I guess it's the life of a techy.

On Saturday night Matt and I slept over in the church to protect it from thieves. Everything was good, though not overly comfortable, till about 4am when I woke up because I heard a car drive down the drive way. It stopped, and people got out. I heard them check one of the doors, it was locked, so I listened as they walked around the building. I could hear them talking as they came to another door, they tried it and this time it opened. I heard as they walked into the church building.

I decided that now they were in the building I should probably confront them, so I hopped out of my sleeping bag and saw two guys wearing dark clothes and beanies holding a torch at the back of the church. "Hey!" I said as I walked to intercept them.

"We're security." One of them said.

"Oh you're security." I replied. I didn't know that 4am encounters with would-be robbers brought out my sarcastic side, but I guess when I have to fight off intruders my wit is my greatest weapon. However I'm not sure what I meant with my remark. I think it just seemed rather impossible to me that these two men in my church could be both thieves and security at the same time.

But by the time I got to the man I saw he had a badge on his jacket for the church's security company. So I said something even more witty like "Oh yes, you are security, I can see your badge." Damn Security people looking like thieves.

And then I told them what we were doing and they left and I had successfully defended the church from the people who protect the church. Matt managed to stay in bed the whole time. He only woke up when I said "Hey!". I'll tell ya, if Australia ever gets invaded and we have to go to war, Matt is gonna want me watching his back.

Last night after show number two we had a party at Liam's house. I have not much to say but I enjoyed it. I sat on two seats then went home. Lucky I had good people sitting next to me.