6/30/2007 11:59:00 pm


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I have decided that I'm getting worse at writing sermons.

I started at the keyboard for this one yesterday. I've been working on this one for two weeks.

I'm only now though going to actually write it.

Although this could be because I've had parties the last two nights, a super-awesome movie on Thursday, small group on Wednesday, day off on Tuesday, dinner with the Gowies on Monday and Once Was Lost for 18 months before that. And I only ever manage to write sermons at night. So really, I haven't really had the time. Till now.


Lucky, I found a structure that I liked driving to the party tonight, until I got busted by a red-light camera. There were no cars around, and I looked at the green for the other direction and thought it was for me. It wasn't. Oops. Anyway, that ruined my train of thought. And cost me 3 points and $300. Gosh, that's like 4 tanks of fuel.

Party was fun though.

I dressed as Martin. I was from Peru. I looked hot.