6/19/2007 11:30:00 pm


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Oh boy, did I have a social day today!

I stayed at Mum and Dad's last night so I could have breaky with Mum this morning. We went out to the Field of Dreams and had toasted muesli. She's good my Mum.

I came home and met Ryan and Martin. We headed out to the cinemas to meet Jon and see Oceans 13. It wasn't a bad film. A lot better than the second one. Not as good as the first. We caught a taxi home which was fun. Probably because I would never think to catch a taxi. Plus taxis are warmer than buses.

Tonight I went over to Kemp's place for dinner. That too was happy. Jo cooked a fabbo dinner, especially the roast veggies. We had good talks and drank Coke.

I drove home in the "cyclonic" winds. Though apart from getting blown from one side of my lane to the other once or twice, it didn't feel all that cyclonic.