6/26/2007 10:39:00 pm


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I got a cold. Bah.

Happily and sadly today was a day off, so it didn't make any dent in work. But it did make a dent in day off enjoyment.

Still I was determined to enjoy myself, so I hired Lethal Weapon 2 to satisfy the craving I got for the film on Friday. It was special, I like that movie.

I was then planning on watching World Trade Center but decided to watch an episode of Prison Break before it. I accidently pressed play all on the DVD and ended up watching 8 episodes. I'm now two episodes from the end of the season. Gosh. I know I complained about it before, but after they had that riot episode, I was back on the wagon.

I need to decided if I finish the show tonight or leave it for another day.

It's a hard choice. I have to work tomorrow so I don't want to stay up too late. Then again, I didn't get up till 11am today. So, hmm. Tough.