6/21/2007 11:52:00 pm

The 21st

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I'm not sure if today went as planned because I'm not sure what the plan was.

I got given my fatty hard drive last night so I could put the finishing touches on Once Was Lost. I spent an hour or two working on that, put it on to render for the DVD then went to bed. But as is the case these days, it'd crash on a regular basis. So I'd hop up at some horridly cold hour, restart the computer, put the file on to render and go back to sleep.

Mil and Martin left for South America this morning so I heard all their many farewellers stomping around at some silly hour. Then at about 7am I heard our phone ringing. I was only half awake and I though "Someone should get that". The phone kept ringing and I thought "Someone really wants to talk to Mil and Martin." The phone kept ringing and someone started banging on the door. I thought, as I remained mostly asleep, half dreaming "Gosh, now they have to answer the phone and answer the door." Then someone outside the house started shouting "Tom! Tom!" And I thought "Wow! That person wants to see me. I hope someone lets them in."

And then it dawned on me that maybe, there was no-one else home. So I forced my self to wake up and sure enough the phone was ringing, someone was banging on the door and shouting for me, and there was no-one else home. It was Stella, she had left money in our house, she was locked out and she had a cab waiting for her. The phone was ringing because Jo, Martin and Matt were taking it in turns to call from the Airport to try and wake me up, because they knew Stella was locked out. Apparently they rang 14 times before I let Stella in and she answered the phone.

I doubt I'd be any good in a fire.

Now that I was awake I checked the render, it had crashed so I put it on again and went back to sleep.

After I got up the rendering was still crashing.

It kept crashing right up until 1:20pm. This was the time that I had to leave to go to my exam. Which I had been planning on studying for today, but I was attending to DVD creation today.

While I sat in my exam I was more interested in whether the film was rendering or not.

I reckon I passed though. Not by much though. However, I could fail. It's certainly not beyond possibility.

When I got home the film had rendered! Woo!

Then I just had to make the DVD. Unfortunately that decided to take a long time too. From pressing the "Build" button on my DVD burning program it took about 3 hours. I was expecting maybe an hour. Hour and a half if things go bad.

I was late to the dress rehearsal.

But I did get time to do my chores, cook dinner, hang out my washing, do some work for youth group, finish a puzzle we have downstairs. So time was not wasted. Still I wish I hadn't spend all day making a DVD.

Happily I'm home from the dress rehearsal with a bunch of changes to make for the next DVD for Saturday. Hooray! I'm going to start work now.