6/04/2007 07:33:00 pm


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During last week, one of the busiest weeks I can ever remember having, I started to get a cold. I decided it would be good to try and hold it off by sheer will power. So I did. From Tuesday to Saturday all I got was a sore throat. But then at about 10pm on Saturday night is hit me. I think maybe my body was waiting till I got "Once Was Lost" out of the way.

Anyway, it was one of the badder colds that knock you around and make the whole world disappear under a pile of snot and brain fog.

I wrote my sermon on Saturday night in that cold fog. And went through the whole of church life on Sunday like that. Preached about healing, sick. I thought that was rather funny. I was prayed for before the preach but it didn't make me well.

After church and the after church social I went to the shops to buy supplies for today's scripture seminars and to get some cold and flu medication. Sadly what I thought were cold and flu drugs turned out to be herbal tablets called "Cold and Flu Fighter". On the packet it says "May help relieve symptoms" which seems like a waste of time if you ask me. All sorts of things may help relieve symptoms but I'm not gonna pay $10 for them.

Anyway I came home, ate some microwaved butter chicken for dinner and took my herbal silliness and went to bed. I started to get the shivers like I had a temperature and after about an hour of stupid sleep I woke up feeling like I was going to vomit. Then I thought to myself "No I've got a cold, colds don't make you vomit" and tried to go back to sleep. But about 20 seconds later I realised "No, I really am going to vomit." And I only had time to stick my head over the side of my bed before I vomited on my floor.

I blame the herbal stuff.

Feeling there was more coming, I headed to the bathroom. I positioned myself over the toilet bowl, but then vomited with such force that only half made it into the toilet the other half ended up on the bathroom floor and walls.

I think this must have woken my sister up because she arrived at the end of the corridor and said "So this is what happens when you church prays for healing."

I spent the next half hour cleaning up myself and the bathroom. My amazingly kind and wonderful sister cleaned up the floor of my bedroom. And thank God we have floor boards. Happily that was only a little spew. Except I did manage to blow chunks on my mobile. But she cleaned that too. She's a way good sister.

Today I went and ran Scripture Seminars at the High School near Church. But that was rather tough. I was feeling rather horrid and found that controlling a class when you have no voice isn't all that easy.

After that though I came home and lay on the couch, slept and watched Flags of Our Fathers. It was most pleasant in that "I'm sick" kind of a way.

Tomorrow is off too. I'm hoping I'm feeling gooder tomorrow so that I can enjoy myself. Maybe I'll eat steak.