6/17/2007 11:28:00 pm

Locked Out

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The rain is bad for our locks. It makes them expand or something.

Yesterday afternoon I had just got home and was walking up the street after parking my car when Jo called me to find out where I was. She was walking down the other end of the street and didn't have her keys with her.

Happily we met at our driveway and I tried my keys in the locks of our two doors. But alas, drought is good for accessability to my house, rain is not. So we were locked out in the rain.

Knowing there was no use sitting in the rain till someone came home, we trudged off in search of a cafe to sit in for the next few hours till someone came home. We ate lunch and drank chai. It is a good thing living so close to so many cafes. It would have been a highly pleasent experience. I do like to spend time with my sister, except all I want do was lie on a couch with my book. But alas we were marooned in a dingy (wonderfully dingy) cafe. Still if there is anyone worth spending two hours on a wet Saturday with, it's Jo.

Finally Mil came home, we saw her drive past the cafe, and we got let in. But there was no time for couches and books. It was off to the Keith and Stella farewell do. That was an increasingly enjoyable night. After doing my duty and putting Hannah to bed (which included a 30 min nap or so for myself) I felt much more able to face the rigours of socialising. I did enjoy the people and I only got mildly abused for being an Anglican. Good stuff I reckon.