5/02/2007 11:50:00 pm

Idiot 2

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I went to teach Scripture today. I got out of the car, went around the to the passenger seat to get my badge out of the glove box, and proceeded to lock my keys in the car! Grrr! That's the forth time this year.

When I got my NRMA I thought, I probably won't need it, but my car might break down. Now I've called them out 4 times, and only because of my keys. I rather annoy myself.

What could have been a good discovery though, was that while I was looking for a shop to sell me some food while I waited for the NRMA to come, I found a Thai food shop! Thai food right near where I work. With $8 lunch specials none the less. This could revolutionize my working life.

Alas as, I think it was Helen said "Never eat suburban Thai". Though I might be paraphrasing. I went back and got it for lunch. It wasn't very good. And I now have ingested enough oil to refine it and run a small car for a week.

Oh well. I guess you win some and some taste disgusting.