5/17/2007 09:48:00 pm


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So I made it to the conference yesterday and today. It was with Dr Arch Hart. He was good. Spoke well, he was interesting, he told funny stories, he taught me about the brain. Did you know, in brain measurement terms, the only thing more pleasurable than sex is cocaine? That's what I learnt today.

Stephen and I ate lunch yesterday in Top Ryde food court. It was just near the conference. I must say I haven't been to an uglier, more depressing food court in my life. It was wonderful. I had some chicken stir fry thing that was tasty but sloppy. It did stir the pleasure centre of my brain. Happy is the man who eats bad food in a tacky food court. Or maybe it's just me that enjoys it.

I've been well getting into The Frames lately.

Martin and I just watched Crank on DVD. It was pretty silly. Not silly like Monty Python. Silly like a poor quality action film.