5/07/2007 12:12:00 am

End of My Reign

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Well it's past midnight now which means I'm no longer the Acting Senior Minister at church. Stephen will be back on deck in the morning, and we'll come under the watchful eye of a local minister. My week long reign has come to an end. It was an enjoyable week though.

I think my only extra job this week as Acting Senior Minister (that's a self-given title) was to do the announcements at the 6:30 service. I prepared and everything. But that got taken away from me when the Spirit moved and announcements got bumped to the back of the service. Why people think that the prompting of the Spirit is more important than my notices is beyond me, but there you go.

I was going to use the opportunity to announce a reworking of the Church budget to allow for a $30,000 staff allowance for Thai food and a new evangelistic program called "No Youth without a Jumping Castle". But sadly I could not. I guess I never got the chance to use my powers for good or evil.

Maybe next time we loose a Senior Minister and an Assistant Minister.