5/22/2007 05:15:00 pm

Amazing Author of World Wide Acclaim

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So I lay in bed this morning thinking about writing a book, as I do from time to time.

Not really because I want to, but because I would really like to be a itinerant preacher at some stage. But the way to actually be able to do that and support yourself is to be popular. The main ways to get popular on the speaking circuit is to pastor a mega church or be a famous Christian author.

I doubt I'm ever going to pastor a mega-church. So I guess it'll have to be writing a book. Though I don't really have anything to write about.

I'll just publish my blog and call it "Youth Pastor Blogs: The Intimate Thoughts of the Youth Pastor a mega-Youth Group". In fact I might do that on Lulu just for funnies. Or I could publish my sermons and call it "Meditations on Glory: Sermons from T.J. French" or something pretentious like that. I'd call my self T.J. because that sounds smarter. I think the lazy route is a good one.

However being lazy isn't really going to get me on Koorong's top 10.

Actually I'm not all that interested in being on Koorong's top 10 at all. I don't even really mind if I don't make it big as a preacher. I'd just like to be able to survive. So maybe it'll just be check-out hunk by day, preacher by every forth weekend.

However if there was something I knew about that I wanted to write about I guess I would. Any ideas folks?