5/04/2007 11:56:00 pm


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Yesterday I was about to drive to College and my car decided it needed more oil. At the moment my car is running particularly badly, so I decided not to push my luck by driving around with no oil.

So I went to the petrol station bought some oil, I drove back to the church to oil the car up, but realised I'd bought the wrong oil. I was too embarrassed to take it back to the petrol station so I walked to Woolies and bought the right stuff.

I then started work on my car. Normally putting oil in the car is a quick affair. Not in my car though. Because the engine is under the seat you have to lift the seats, take off different panels, unscrew this and that. It was lots of fun. I really liked getting in the engine, even if I wasn't doing anything remotely impressive. Then while I was there, I decided I might oil my door because that had been squeaking. And oil the other door. And tighten the back door.

Finally when I was finished, I'd spent about an hour and I was way too late for college. So I stayed at church and worked. In the end I think I had much more fun getting dirty engine grease all over my hands than I would have had at college. I think for the next few days my new career dream will be to become a mechanic. I could be the preaching mechanic. That'd be tops fun.