5/09/2007 11:13:00 am


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As far as I can tell the Budget isn't all that much to get excited about. It looks more like a move to win voters from Labor than actually spending money right. "Tax cuts for everyone, especially Labor voters!" Anyone think there might be an election coming?

Where's the money for the environment. Like the serious money. $741 million isn't really going to do a lot for climate change. Not when we're spending $5 billion on University building projects. I have no problem with building projects, I just think that perhaps we could put the same amount of effort, or more, into saving our planet.

I would have loved to have seen more money go into foreign aid. How about having a shot at getting close to our 0.7% commitment? If we've got $13.6 billion surplus I reckon we might have a little to spare for the our less well off friends. $13.6 billion is over four times what we will spend on aid in the next year. And considering that we're doing to spend $22 billion on defense, it all leaves a lot to be desired.

(Thank you Ben for telling me about aid. No one else was talking about it. Silly SMH.)

I'm sure though there is good stuff in there. Like education is good. Though I'd be happy to see more money to public schools. And I quite like tax cuts personally, but I'd rather see money spent on good stuff.

And I'm always happy to see them spending money on film making. Well done Costello.