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The Night Andrew Bevis Came to Tea


Andrew came round tonight and asked for a mention on the blog. Chris and Mike came around also. It was Pad Thai night. Mil and Jem cooked us all Pad Thai. Ryan was there too. He just ate it I think. Martin came later. Oh and Jon ate too. It was real fun.

Having Andrew here from the UK gave us all an excuse to watch some of the old films we made back in the youth group days. It was embarrassing at times, rather funny and quite shocking. I forgot what a badly behaved youth group I went to. Some of the things that we did in youth group then, I'd lose my job if I did them with my youth group now. And for good reason. We found a poem that some of us wrote together that was the most offensive thing I have heard this year. And I'm not exaggerating.

I realised that these days, though I regularly feel like I say stupid and offensive things, I'm much better than I used to be. I'm a bit more boring too, but at least I can keep my job.