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The Day After the Day it All Began

I think that blogging about the wedding would be good. And I want to be in the running for some of David's fabulous prizes. So I'll hold off on that one.

But the day after the wedding, well that was today, and I would have loved to have slept for the majority of the first half of it. But I had to go to church.

We went to the retirement village today and it was lovely. The residents were ready for us today. We had a record number of young people, for this year at least, and it was great. I really do like that ministry.

I also had a nice conversation with one of the senior girls who said she'd come to youth group to serve the younger people in the youth group. I thought that was good. I love it when people come to serve. Yay for them.

I think my tiredness gave me a looser tongue today. I did the announcements at church tonight and managed to tell everyone that we were going to burn down the church at the church working bee, that God would be angry at them if they didn't come, and that the Holy Spirit couldn't work if we didn't have the banners up in the church building. Then when asked by Steve I told the whole church my gift's in preaching were all because of my gender. I think most people realised I was joking, except the man in front of me who kept giving me greasies.

Soon I will sleep I think.