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Abdul, Abdul

We went out for Jon's Buck's night on Wednesday night. It was lots of fun. We went video game playing at Galaxy World first up. I always love a good Daytona race. It's funny, that game is so old (1994), yet still well loved amongst all the latest, more boring amusements. I played a game of air hockey with Tim and he won. Embarrassingly my right arm now hurts from all the exercise I gave it.

After clearing the place out of all it's good stuff (Chris won an iPod Nano in one of their skill games) we trekked off to a wonderful restaurant called "Abdul's" that'd I'd found on CitySearch.

Abdul's was the best. All 19 of us we put in this pokey cushion room, where we were served by the great Abdul himself. As Ryan said, I've never seen a restaurant owner with more disdain for his customers. Abdul would wander around and grunt at us. When he brought out food he'd just mumble what it was called at us. I found a candle stick under my cushion and put it on the table. When Abdul saw it he commanded the guy next to me to put it on the shelf behind us then told us "Look. Don't touch!" It was rather special.

We ended the night with Jon dressed as a fairy in a roadworker vest and a blue dress in a pub somewhere in Surry Hills. You can't get much better fun on a Wednesday night. Actually you probably can, but please excuse the hyperbole.