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I went to the Laundromat before with bags full of wet, heavy washing because our washing machine has given up the ability to wash. It can still fill itself up with water and empty itself again, so I think we can still classify it a machine, just not one of the washing variety.

Anyway, I went to the Laundromat and it was 10 minutes before they closed so I wouldn't have time to wash my clothes. But when the woman who works there saw me she said I could put my wash on and come back to collect them in the morning. She said "I don't want you to have to walk all the way back with those heavy bags." She was very nice.

I got a hair cut today. Hair cuts still scare me. Every time I go to get a hair cut I have to walk past the hair dresser a few times before I pluck up the courage to go in. It's sad but it's true. None of them hair dressers have killed me yet. My hair dresser today asked me what I did for a job. I said "Youth minister" to which he replied "Great! You're doing a wonderful job!" I'm not sure how he knew but I welcome the encouragement.