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I had a fun day yesterday.

Tim and I went for a walk and found a house with three purple Merc vans out the front. All the same model, all without number plates. It was cool. I was thinking they could be terrorist vans, Tim thought they could be ASIO. We were later informed they were owned by a man with a coffee business. Oh well.

I sat on the back verandah in the later afternoon sun in a cooshy chair reading my Bible for about an hour.

Church was in the round last night, thanks to Helen's instinctual sense of innovation. The very high point of that was there were plenty pillows around which meant pillow fights. I spent half my evening fighting with most of the younger youth group guys. A considerable boost to my self-esteem seeing as I am bigger than them.

After church we had a young adults gathering which the older youth came to. I spent most of the time sitting with some of them getting "words from God" for each other and reading random Bible verses. It was a rather fun game, although perhaps a little sacrilegious.

Update: I was just at a Parish Council meeting tonight and someone commented that the young people were very rowdy and were "bouncing off the walls" at church last night. I didn't mention that I was bouncing with them.