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Last night I was about to go to bed but I got distracted clicking that "Next Blog" button in to top right corner of blogs. I do it sometimes hoping for a good blog to come along but they rarely do. Most of the time there are just people with posts that say "This is the start of my new blog. I wonder if I'll keep blogging?" or "Cheap Insurance! Cheap Insurance! Cheap Insurance!"

But last night, after about 30 useless blogs, I found one that was very interesting. It was written by this woman who was talking about her relationships. She would talk about how she was seeing one man who she fell in love with. But he didn't love her, so they broke up but promised to stay best friends and keep sleeping with each other. And then she had her ex-husband, who she was seeing again for a while, but not sure whether she should keep seeing, or sleeping with him. He was being too ambiguous for her and she still hadn't forgiven him for cheating on her. And she also had a blind date who she was sleeping with for a while, and guy she met on the internet.

At the end of every post this woman would write some piece of wisdom she had learnt from the most recent events. Like after having a break up with a guy who had been cheating on her but was still using her for the sex she said something like: "Just keep waiting, and keep searching, and something good will come along."

And there'd be all these stories of men treating her like a piece of meat and her friends would comment and just say "Lots of hugs" or "You can do it, I believe in you". And I wanted to go find her and say "Hey, woman, you're worth more than this!" It was horrible. I wanted to tell her to stop letting the men treat her so badly. To stop giving herself away, she's not that cheap.

But I couldn't. Even if I commented on the blog I would have just sounded like a raving Christian. Or a busy-body at the least. I couldn't really do anything for her. I didn't know her name, where she lived, who these people were she was talking about. All I knew were the intimate details of her life.

So really it was just a sad night's reading. Fascinating, but sad. I felt bad for the women we men have treated badly. But there isn't a lot I can do about that. I'll encourage the men I know to be good to woman and I'll try and treat them good myself. And I won't sleep with women who I'm just friends with, I'm sure that makes things messy.